TransTeach believes in giving back, whenever possible.

Language skills are the basis of our business and writing is what we love, so we aim to help others in any way we can by writing creatively.

Charity children’s ebooks

As part of its collaboration with the charity My Mother’s Love (www.mymotherslove.co.uk), the owner of TransTeach, Claire Culliford, has written a series of children’s ebooks which are beautifully illustrated by Emma Allen (www.emmaallenillustrator.co.uk). The books aim to raise awareness of environmental and social issues among children aged 3-7.

Following the successful launch of the first book in the series, “Hector Helps…Clean Up the Park”, the second book in the series, “Tyler Helps…Find A New Home” has now been released.

Both books, along with the French and Spanish version of the first book, can be purchased from http://www.amazon.co.uk and http://www.amazon.com (as well as the respective international Amazon sites).

Watch an audiovisual extract from the first book in the series here

Hector Helps Clean Up The Park New Cover

Hector Helps Clean Up The Park (Published January 2015)

Hector Cover Spanish new
Héctor Ayuda a Limpiar El Parque (Published July 2015)

Tyler Helps Find a New Home Cover
Tyler Helps Find a New Home (Published July 2015)

Hector Cover French iii 72dpi
Hector Aide à Nettoyer Le Parc (Published February 2016)

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