TransTeach believes in giving back, whenever possible.

Language skills are the basis of our business and writing is what we love, so we aim to help others in any way we can by writing creatively.

International children’s picture book series

The owner of TransTeach, Claire Culliford, has written a series of children’s ebooks which are beautifully illustrated by Emma Allen (www.emmaallenillustrator.co.uk). The books aim to raise awareness of environmental and social issues among children aged 3-7.

Passionate about looking after the world around us, in 2012 Claire started a picture book series based on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The books raise awareness of environmental and social issues among children aged 3-7, inspiring them to come up with creative solutions to real global problems. The books are beautifully illustrated by Emma Allen.

Following the success of the first three books in the series, “Hector Helps…Clean Up the Park” and “Tyler Helps…Find A New Home” and “Penny Helps…Protect The Polar Ice Caps” the fourth book in the series is due to be published in 2019.

Paper copies of the books are available at Waterstones and ebooks in the series are published by PublishDrive and available at all major online book retailers, including Amazon. In 2018 Claire undertook a UK-wide tour supported by the David Bellamy Conservation Awards and the British Holiday Homes and Parks Association. In 2019, Claire will be touring with the book series in Europe and the United States.

Watch an audiovisual extract from the first book in the series here.


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